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SonarLocID - Auto Locking Keyboard

SonarLocID - Auto Locking Keyboard

KSI, Long a leader in innovative data entry solutions, now adds to its line of security products an integrated keyboard that addresses the most important aspect of workstation security, The logoff. The SonarLocID Keyboard solves security risks and privacy concerns with unattended computers. The SonarLocID keyboard uses state of the art integrated presence detection technology to identify that a user is physically present. The workstation will remain active as long as the user is present, but will securely lock when the user physically steps away, usually one meter or less from the sonar detector. Distance and timing are set by the SonarLocID software utility. Upon return the SonarLocID will prompt you for your user name, password or proximity badge or for truly strong biometrics.

The SonarLocID keyboard easily attaches to the PC via a USB port.

The SonarLocID Keyboard comes with a programming utility that allows for custom keystrokes and delays to be programmed by the user to send a sequence to lock the computer when the user walks away. In addition you can easily program commands for walk up prompts for re-authentication. Additionally the SonarLocID keyboard can be programed to work seamlessly with most of the popular enterprise single sign on security products.

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